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The news section of any media format is the place where you find out about the environment you live in. The information covers pretty much everything you relate to: social media, political insight, environment, education, health, technology, science, gossip and fun, you name it.

Unfortunately, in the past decades, the media channels have diminished the quality of the information they provide in favor of the spectacular element of it. Hence, you get a lot more scandals, gossip and breaking news about nothing really in the attempt to keep you glued to the screen, the paper or whatever medium you are on at the moment.

That is why right now you have to go through an elaborate process in order to establish an opinion that has truth in its foundation:

First, check out different publications to extract every bit of info about the piece of news that interests you. Do not hang on to a single channel or paper, the possibility of its depiction to be biased is extremely high. If you want an unadulterated opinion you should check out more sources than one.

Second, link the info to what you already know on the subject. If you are new to the issue, research as far back as you can for solid background. Informing yourself is the key to making your own opinion about a subject.

Third, consider only the sources that have established their superiority and integrity on the mass media scene. They have worked hard in order to build that level of trust and they will go to extreme lengths to keep it that way. Newcomers and tabloids try to squeeze whatever audience they get by slightly bending and exaggerating the reality, transforming the facts into an alternative reality. That’s not always the case with any newcomer, but take it with a grain of salt.

Most of the newcomers on the market are eager to get a foothold, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do anything for achieving it. However, unless they work with experienced employees, there’s a hundred percent chance they won’t offer you the best info out there because they simply don’t know how to select it. Given time, they will come around, but experience always comes with time and work, so you can check them out but don’t pay much mind to what to see.

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